Saturday, March 04, 2006

Krystalnacht and Ghetto Images (continued)

The Number 2 entryway to the Warsaw ghetto, on Leszno Street. The sign in German and Polish reads: "Plague-infected area; only through traffic allowed".

A man collapses in the street from hunger and exhaustion.

A young boy pulls a death cart behind him.

A mass grave in the Warsaw Ghetto.

A woman peddles crisply-starched Star of David armbands. The penalty for wearing one that was dirty or wrinkled was a severe beating; for someone caught without an armband, the penalty was death.

Two men prepare to make the daily rounds of the ghetto, pulling the undertaker's cart behind them. There are no horses allowed in the ghetto.

A woman vendor sells food behind a wire screen. She is thusly protected from starving people who would be tempted to snatch the food from her table.

The ghetto marketplace. Most people sold personal possessions for food.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sick mother futher f*ciking Nazis!


7:21 PM  
Blogger Andrew said...

Dear Onanite,
I share your anger and disgust with the Nazis, and the horrible things that they did. Thank you very much for visiting this blog.
All that I ask visitors who appreciate this site to do, it to add a link back to it on their blog or web page.
Hopefully, we will get enough people to see some of these images, and it will start to wake more people up to the dangers of racism and prejudice.

10:41 PM  

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